Fall Has Arrived! Celebrate the Harvest!

In General Farm News, Pigs on September 15, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Piglets are here!

26 of them came the same night, about two weeks ago.  We had just put off moving the closer-to-due date pigs to the maternity pen for the second night in a row, instead deciding to have a family picnic on a beautiful end of summer night. Apparently the pigs thought so too, as three of them farrowed without assistance during the night, presenting us with 26 beautiful Tamworth-Tamworth, and Tamworth-Large Black-Red Wattle cross piglets.  We have one more sow yet to farrow, and those will be Tamworth-Berkshire crosses. You can see the piglets in the pastures alongside Zerah Fiske Rd., which is scheduled to be paved any day now.

Since the school year has arrived, we are not able to attend all three of the Farmer’s Markets that we were regulars at through the Summer months.  My babysitter has extra-long days, and is no longer available, and my Kindergartener does not get off the school bus at home until after the markets are scheduled.  It is a week to week thing. 

If you are looking for sustainably raised and humanely cared for veal, or pastured heritage breed pork, we still have it, but it is not as mobile at the moment.  We also have a few Cornish Roasting birds available. They are a beautiful, plump breasted, copious amounts of  white meat bird, that dressed out at about 6-8 pounds each.  Cornish Roasters are $4.50 a pound. Please call to inquire.  We also have 100 more that I am taking reservations on, that should dress about the same, in mid-November.

I snapped this picture on my way to work the other day when I was down in the Valley — along the Connecticut River in Hadley. Beautiful, isn’t it? We would never see such flat stretches up here in Shelburne.

Back to our farm, we took a trip to Essex Junction, Vermont on Saturday, and purchased two sheep; a colored Romney, and a Border Leicester. They are both registered with their respective breed associations, and they are lovely, people friendly sheep. The plan is to breed them to suitable rams, and create little lambs for the later spring.  After allowing goats to time their own kidding and then having to freeze our (human) butts off in mid-February in freezing drizzle while we waited for the does to finish kidding, was a process that we decided that we wanted to avoid at all costs.  So we will sacrifice having early lambs to keeping the family happy.  There are some things that need a little bit of human intervention and brain power, and helping a sheep decide when to lamb is just plain one of them. 

And finally, there is a WONDERFUL reason to attend the Bernardston Farmer’s Market next Tuesday, September 21st!

Bernardston Farmer’s Market Harvest Festival

Tuesday, September 21st from 4 – 7 at United Church of Bernardston Parking Lot, Route 10, Bernardston.
for the kids:

Free face painting and balloons,

Free ice Cream from Snows & Barts

Raffles and Gifts from MANY LOCAL businesses

tastings of local farm raised products

lots of local music

hula hooping by Hooping Harmony

learn how to milk a cow

local authors share their books

local businesses display their wares

best of all – have FUN on a Tuesday! For more information, or to inquire about setting up a display, contact Gloria at 648-0056.



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