England’s Farm Animals A Superbug Source?

In General Farm News on September 25, 2010 at 12:52 pm

London, Sep 23 –

Potentially deadlier strains of food poisoning bugs are spreading in farm animals in Britain. These superbugs have become resistant to antibiotics used in treating infections in both animals and humans. Doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to treat people who fall ill after coming into contact with the bugs through food or other routes.

via Farm animals new source of drug resistant superbugs.

Back to Shelburne, Massachusetts:

Good news is: we just don’t use antibiotics. Years and years ago, we did a lot more, and now, 2010… we just don’t.  There aren’t creepy additives in the feed that we offer to our cornish roasters, or our pastured pork. Our grassfed beef (when available) is entirely that, just grassfed (and during the winter, hay fed — dried grass).  Our animals are wormed, when needed, using all natural, non-mediated means, and they are all healthy and happy critters.

There is really something to be said for small farms.  There is absolutely no possible way for a factory farm to raise the sheer numbers of animals that they do, without the added assistance of drugs – to treat problems, and to provide some kind of resistance to  the inherently awful conditions in which they live.  Meanwhile, there are thousands of small farmers across the country who are “trying to make a go of it” and farming humanely, and sustainably, like we do, without antibiotics.

Yet, the industry as a whole gets bad press, and animal rights’ groups rejoice when terrible discoveries like that of superbugs across England, are realized.

I am sorry for those animals who have been forced to ingest and accept massive doses of antibiotics, and I am sorry for those people who are suffering because of those animals. And I am furious at those farmers who can’t resist the temptation, and over-use antibiotics.

I am glad that the FDA is stepping up to the plate to curb antibiotic use in animals in the United States. The New York Times covered this in a great article here.


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