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I know that I owe you recipes, and I have found some wonderful ones that use chicken! The ultimate comfort food.
But until then, here is a quick post highlighting what we have for sale at the farm. Please remember that we are a small, family farm who is trying to eek out a living by providing the most tasty, humanely raised, and sustainable meats as we can. Without the very healthiest, most climate-appropriate animals, we could not manage to raise them without the horrible things that other farms add to the diets of their animals and to the soils on their homesteads. We do not engage in any of those practices. Ever. It is just not right.

So here is what we have for Edibles, aka meats:
Delicious Fresh Pork Shoulder Steaks, Sweet Italian Sausage, Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks, ground veal, stewing hens (3 -4 lbs), and (coming just after Thanksgiving!) more Cornish Roasters (5-7 lbs)! Roasters are $4.50 lb, and Stewing Hens, which are for Chicken soup, chicken and dumplings, etc. are $2.50 lb.

and for ANIMALS: to raise, there are Piglets and Ducks.

Piglets are ready to be re-homed at farms throughout New England.
Our hearty and robust piglets have reached a substantial enough size and “critical mass” to be allowed to be purchased by farms around the area who are looking for sweet-natured, heritage breed piglets. These piglets are still relatively “cute” right now, but so not be fooled — they will grow into three hundred pound rooting and tilling machines at a year old, when fed a proper diet and raised on pasture. Poorly managed and fed a poorer diet, they will easily surpass that weight and be flabby, fat and unbreedable.
For farmers interested in purchasing piglets, we have all of the sows and the boar on premises. They are all pastured, vigorous, well-mannered, fabulously instinctive, heritage breed pigs. There is a purebred Tamworth boar and sow, and two Red Wattle – Large Black cross sows. In another month or so, we will have piglets from our purebred Berkshire, fathered by the Tamworth boar, available.

We have females available for $110. Boars are being neutered this week, so they are not ready to go for a another week or two, and they will be $90.

We have some heritage breed full grown ducks that we will be looking to sell before snow flies as well. They are Silver Appleyard, or SA crossed with Saxony. We had a lot more of them at one point, and they lay very nicely during the summer, but we are running out of space and are trying to focus our attention in other areas. Price is negotiable within reason.


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