Puddle’s Run, Turkey for Christmas & Everyday Roasting Hens

In Chickens, General Farm News, Heritage Turkeys on December 5, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Late last summer, we drove to far Northern Vermont and bought two sheep — experienced, older sheep — not young lambs. Each ewe had lambed at least once, and has not had lambs for at least a year.  So, we are eager and focused on getting these two lovely ladies introduced to an eligible ram, to go about the business of finding out if theses sheep will still be breedable.  There are a number of reasons that they may not end up carrying lambs: they could be too old, they could have “cycle” issues (like women sometimes have) and the list goes on, and on.  So, it is our hope that they will bring us late spring 2011 lambs, with the introduction, yesterday, of Puddle.


Puddle is the very inspired young colored Romney ram whom we have rented from a local farmer. He will have forty days and forty nights to attempt to get my two ewes bred.  Let’s just say that despite a minor difference in stature between my large ladies and him, he has not been intimidated or slowed down in his mission.  He ran Noelle and Violet (the ewes) all afternoon yesterday after he was introduced into their pasture.  Puddle definitely knows what he is supposed to be doing.  We are very pleased by our rental investment. So far…  he could still break out, and cause general havoc.  We’ll see.

We sent a great number of our turkeys to slaughter for Thanksgiving orders this year.  Despite filling all of our orders, and eating two ourselves, we still have a couple Heritage,  Local, Free-Ranged, Vegetarian Fed Turkeys available for your Christmas gathering.  A word of warning: there is only very small and very large.  We have a couple of eight pound Turkeys, and then a 28 pounder and one that is over thirty. Think leftovers. Mmm!  Inquire if interested. All are USDA processed and labeled for sale.


Are you looking for something healthy and smaller, yet just as humanely farmed and fed vegetarian feed?

We have Everyday Roasting Hens Now Available.  You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy these 3 to 5 pound roasters.  They, too, are USDA processed and labeled for retail sale, and hand-raised on our little farm.  How do these differ from the ones at the regular grocery store?  We have whole roasters, just like the stores, but ours are not injected with saline, or other flavorings or enhancements.  You can still home-brine your chicken, and you can control the contents yourself– and SAVE money by not paying for the water weight of the solution! Wells Tavern Farm Everyday Roasters were not factory farmed.  Our birds were locally small-farmed and fed by Farmer Myles or Farmer Carrie, personally, everyday of their lives.  Our birds are not shot up, or made to inhale hormones or steroids or antibiotics or medications.  While we cannot legally put it on the label (USDA labeling regulations are tricky) ours are Naturally raised.  No weirdness.  If your grandparents, say, back in the 1930’s were raising poultry — these would be very similar to those.  Our Everyday Roasters have a natural variation in size, and most are about 4 to 5 pounds.  Enjoy one today.  $4.50 a pound.  Not that bad for good local food and piece of mind.


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