Cold and Warm Weather Labors

In General Farm News on January 15, 2011 at 2:17 pm

We’re making it through the cold…

We could almost croon those words to a familiar Barry Manilow work.  But cold is what Winter is all about.  Winter is a great time to read the seed catalogs and fantasize about 100 degree summer days;  sunny rays pounding down upon you, as you are bent over, your back in agonizing pain, weeding the garden.  You are covered in sweat  — make that perspiration — and dirt that has long turned to mud.  All that work for a tomato. But that tomato is the Costello to your “Bacon” Abbott, the tomato is the Hobbes to the “Bacon” Calvin… you get the idea.  Wells Tavern Farm Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Cured Thickly cut Heritage Breed Pastured Pork Bacon and that back-breaking tomato.

Let us perform the “B-work” for your local BLT this summer.  Deal?  You do the L, and T part, and I’ll do the B. Consider it done.

Now you can return to your warm summer day fantasy.




In this cold snap:  Don’t worry…the animals are all safe, happy, secure and well-fed.  And the people are too.


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