Getting Closer…

In Chickens, General Farm News, goats, Pigs on March 12, 2011 at 7:22 pm

I think that I smelled Spring the other day.

It must be getting closer now.  It really needs to be Spring sometime soon.  Now if we could only skip “mud season” and go right to drier conditions. Alas, we have been thrust into mud season again.  But, that means that we are getting closer to the end of March!  And that means that we are nearing a new infusion of our complete line of pork products, and (new!) Normande Beef!

We will have all manner of chops, ribs, breakfast sausage (coming back in stock), etc… all coming at the end of March. The end of April brings Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked (“MSCHS”) Thickly Cut Bacon, and MSCHS Ham Steaks and MSCHS Hocks (for soup).

About the Normande Beef :

The Normande breed of cow originated in Normandy, France from cattle brought to the country by Viking conquerors in the 9th and 10th centuries. For over a thousand years these cattle evolved into a dual purpose breed to meet the milk and meat needs of the residents of northwestern France. Though the breed was decimated by the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II, there are currently 3 million Normandes in France.  In France, the Normande has always been known for its unsurpassed marbling quality, flavor and tenderness, and regularly wins blind tests for its taste. A special label for Normande meat enjoys great popularity in major supermarkets.

We will be offering ground Normande beef this Spring and until it sells out this Summer.  If all goes as planned, we should have it available as patties, making warm-weather grilling one step easier!

In farm news:

  • After putting off a purchase of corral panels for more than four years, we finally took the plunge a few weeks back and have, ever since, cursed ourselves for not having done so earlier. What a fabulously easy containment and sorting device. I cannot sing the praises of them enough.
  • And our LBRW-1 and LBRW-2 (kind of like The Cat in The Hat‘s “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”) sows, each had their healthy and adorable farrowings of Large black red Wattle/Tamworth piglets… so we are finished with farrowing piglets for Spring. All reservations have been taken, for our Feb-March piglets and we are now working on a list for piglets due in July (Berkshire/Tamworth). In July or August, I would expect a Tamworth farrowing as well, from Ruby and Big Red.
  • As the snow recedes we are seeing the damage to our fences caused by snow, snowplows and age. Yikes. I think that we will be replacing and rewiring everything this year. It looks really bad.
  • We are beginning to wean our goat kids. They are so adorable and smart. Bucket feeding and weaning at the same time, and they are not phased in the least! Hopefully they will learn “electric fence 101” quickly after it warms up, and we fix the fences, and get them out on pasture!
  • We have one 5 month old Berkshire-Tamworth cross (uncut) male pig available. He is $160. I shudder at the thought, but he would make a fabulous “spit pig/roasting pig” — but as I prefer to envision, he would also be a very nice sire with a harem of other pastured pigs around him. Either way, he is available.
  • The family is making lists of the breeds of poultry that we will be raising this year. We are eager to have the temperature just a little bit higher at night, and then we will place our chick order and get the first Spring batch of meat birds, egg layers and turkeys going for the year!
  1. Horray for spring! We are on the same path, determining just what livestock and poultry to get this year. Have you decided yet where to order from this year?

    • We will be adding some Black Jersey Giants to our Buff Orpington and Rock layers. For meat birds, we have tried and liked the Kosher King (an alternative broiler breed to straight Cornish) which can be described as: being developed for markets desiring a heavier meat bird, tasty meat qualities, large body size yellow feet. Kosher Kings resemble a Barred Rock, but have MUCH longer legs, in our experience. I am not sure that we will get them again, or try the Red Cornish. Perhaps we’ll try both before the season is out. And then for turkeys, we are going to raise Standard Bronze, Narragansett, and then later this summer, Broad Breasted Bronze. We get our poultry from Meyers Poultry Farm in Pennsylvania. http://www.myerspoultry.com We have had nothing but really healthy chicks, and excellent service.

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