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In General Farm News on March 13, 2011 at 11:26 am

Okay, so this is not purely farm related: but I cannot believe that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is considering the following again:

The state’s 15-year-old prohibition on using leghold traps to capture beavers and other animals is being reconsidered on Beacon Hill.
The Legislature’s Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture has scheduled a hearing for Monday on several bills dealing with trapping, including one that would repeal the ban on leghold and other body-gripping traps.
Supporters of the bill say the beaver population in Massachusetts has exploded since voters approved the ban in 1996. They say beaver dams are causing flooding and other environmental problems.
Animal rights groups say the steel-jaw leghold traps are cruel and cause unnecessary suffering for animals.
Box or net traps that ensnare the entire animal can still be used, and cities and towns can issue permits for body-gripping traps under certain emergency circumstances.


I am not opposed to hunting, I routinely eat meat, and I love animals as pets. I find the idea horrifying that those barbaric, and hideously dangerous things would be allowed to be legal.  What if my children unknowingly crossed our property line in the woods and fell onto one? Banish the thought.

And in other non-farm rural news, the Commonwealth is planning to “chemically treat” fr the Asian Longhorned Beetle in Boylston, West Boylston and Holden

…opportunity for the public to learn about plans to chemically treat more than 95,000 trees this spring.
Between April 25 and early July, the trees will be injected with an insecticide that’s proven effective against the bugs.

I understand the severity of the crisis with invasive species, but I really, really hate the thought of chemical applications into trees, at the ground level or otherwise. Once pesticides get into groundwater, there is no going back, if you get what I mean.  What is the Commonwealth coming to?


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