See You Tomorrow!

In General Farm News on June 13, 2011 at 6:11 pm

If you have been thinking about that Wells Tavern Farm Breakfast Sausage that you bought last year, and longing for that extra special taste again, your opportunity is here to replenish your supply!  We also have small Roasting Hens, Hot Italian Sausage, Country Ribs (meaty and “simply delish” slow cooked with BBQ sauce!) and lots more stuffed away in those freezers that we haul around to Farmer’s Markets!

Where, you ask, are we gonna be Tuesday? Why, in Bernardston, of course, is the answer!  Stop by the Church on Route 10, in the Center of Town between 4-7 pm to pick up your great heritage breed, pastured, and top-quality cut meats from our humanely raised animals. If Tuesday is not your day, then try to catch us (if you can!) on Thursday either in Northfield from 4-7 at the Trinitarian Church on Route 10, or in Conway Thursday from 4-7 in front of Field Memorial Library on Route 116 in the Center of town.  Then there’s Saturday from 10-2 in Charlemont on Route 2 at the Charlemont Federated Church.

It’s easy to eat locally grown, and old-time flavorful meat — just stop by and check out what’s in Wells Tavern Farm’s freezer.


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