Stocking Up and Storing

In General Farm News on August 10, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Summer is the time of year when stocking up on your favorite fresh  and in-season vegetables and fruits  and processing them into delicious products that will last throughout the year.  Extending their life in this way is not only an extremely healthy way for you to eat, but it allows you control over the ingredients in your food (chutneys, jelly, relish, pickles, applesauce, beans, etc) and it guarantees that your produce is full of great nutrients that they possess when they are at the peak of freshness — ie picked locally and sold direct from your local farmer, either at their farm or at a local farmer’s market.

The same can be said for Wells Tavern Farm pork.  We have gone through all of the raising, harvest, packaging and storage stages, and offer the finished product, ready to go — direct from the farmer.  Every single ingredient (if any are added, for instance, in sausage) is listed on the packaging — yes, we do have a variety of sausage without added sugar.  We offer answers about how we raised the pigs, about their breeds, how to move pigs, and all kinds of answers, if asked.  We pride ourselves in providing recipes that will assure a great experience with our products – everything from simple, with only a few ingredients, to deep-fried and slightly unhealthy.

If you haven’t tried out our pork products yet, I have a suggestion from a regular, and anonymous farmer’s market customer.  This customer uses our plain (and affordable) ground pork in spaghetti sauce, mixing it up with hamburger (creating some killer meatballs, I am sure!).  We also offer three kinds of sausage, which we have used successfully in red sauce (even including the breakfast sausage, which created a sweeter sauce) as well as wonderful cuts of pork: steaks, chops, country ribs, spare ribs (until they are gone), bacon and ham steaks, and more.

Our meats are sealed in packages that ensure that air stays out, and they are kept extremely cold (at about -6 degrees F) and can be stored in a deep freezer well into next year…past when you receive your tax refund next year.

In other farm tidbits; I am sad to say that we have had to make some hard decisions of late,  and have sold all of our purebred Belted Galloways (the Oreo Cookie Cows), our Murray Grey, and our beautiful and promising, Jersey yearling heifer. These decisions were necessitated by three things: the need to purchase in large quantities of hay to sustain these animals through the upcoming fall and winter, combined with watching the farm trends of rising feed prices, and recent “widespreead” unemployment in our small farm family.  It was a very sad day yesterday as we loaded the animals and said our final goodbyes.

What is next? We have sheep. We have goats. There are still two milking Jersey cows, and two half Belted Galloway-half Jersey bull calves, and a Normande Bull.  The pastured pigs are scheduled for a visit to the butcher tomorrow. We aren’t going anywhere, just scaling back to make it through what I am predicting to be a tough farming winter, so that we will be able to bounce back come spring next year!


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