Halloween on Wells Tavern Farm

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2011 at 3:17 pm

It was an unexpectedly snowy Halloween this year in western New England.  We were extremely lucky in this storm, as we did not have the heavy wet snow that fell on towns south of us, taking down leafy tree limbs, entire trees and power lines.  We are high enough in elevation in Shelburne, and were far enough along in losing the leaves from our deciduous trees, that the powedery snow just served to chill things down and create a beautiful blanket.  We lost our power for five minutes.

In saying that, I know that our neighbors will hate me for saying that — some of them have been without power or heat for days, and aren’t expected to get any services back for days.

The animals were unaffected by the snow: our three week old piglets and their mom and dad are weathering the cold blast just great!  They snuggle in together in their straw filled house when it gets chilly, and during the day, the sow and boar sun themselves in the pasture and graze on organic Cortland apples.

On my birthday last week, I acquired three sheep to add to our flock, with many, many thanks to Emmy and Puja for parting with them!  We added Midnight, another large black Romney, Gigi a full-grown white Romney (who is accustomed to easy lambings with twins, I understand) and we also invested in a Shropshire named Nibbles.  We have grown our sheep flock from two a year ago, to nine, beautiful, healthy retired show sheep,  or now, bred on our own farm sheep.

The yearling beefers finally got rounded up and brought into the barn for the winter, joining the milking Jersey’s who stay in  for the coldest weather, but do visit the outside for a few hours each day, if the weather is mild enough.

Coming back to the weather issue: if anybody wants to get any easy to cook and enjoy grass-finished hamburgers, or any of our pork products: five types of sausage, maple syrup cured hickory smoked bacon, maple suryp cured hickory smoked ham steaks, chops, or anything else, feel free to give us a phone call at 413. 834. three-six-one-one.  For the pricelist, click here.

And finally, if you are looking for some inspiration about eating locally, including Wells Tavern Farm Ham, check out this article that was published in Lancaster Farming:

Lancaster Farming



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