Animal Tracking on the Lawn

In General Farm News, Pigs on January 2, 2012 at 4:26 pm

     Our sow and her piglets escaped their pen in celebration of the new year yesterday.  They were apparently living it up on the front lawn, rooting up grass clods and all manner of small things that my sons have probably buried away for safe keeping.  They were probably out for twenty minutes, tops, but you can see the amount of digging those little snouts can do.  Also, the ice nuggets that pounded the windows last night are pretty clear in that picture.  After find her standing in the driveway looking at us, then rounding up the family, and putting the pigs back in, we resumed whatever it was that we were doing. Later in the day, we were headed somewhere in the car, and as we drove down the driveway, I looked over to see the “tilling” and aeration that the pigs had performed on the lawn.  Their little hoggy-hoof prints are everywhere!  Godd thing that this is an unusual winter, and not deep into spring or summer, when we would really rather have grass on the lawn!



This is a picture of the “offending” family group — getting a quick snack inside their enclosure.  The sow and her six piglets are all very healthy and seem to like 2012. I need to get a step stool or grow more in order to get the bucket high enough to clear the fence and dump the grain without spilling it… but I am getting better!


Remember that if you are interested in a pasture raised, antibiotic-free Wells Tavern Farm Turkey in 2012, you need to sign up NOW.  The form for that reservation can be foung at our website, www.wellstavernfarm.com   We are anticipating whole birds will cost $4.50 a pound.


And, if you are interested in whole roasting chickens, they should be again available in late February, just about the time that we have goat meat and some lamb in stock for a limited time.  Meanwhile, we have all kinds of porky-goodness in stock and ready to go — call or email for information.

Heritage Pastured Pork  price/lb Loin Chops  7.70, Rib Chops  7.50, Shoulder Chops 6.75, Country Ribs  7.50, Ground Pork  6.50, Sweet Italian Sausage Ground 8., Hot Italian Sausage Ground 8., Breakfast Sausage Ground (almost gone) 8., Fresh Polish Kielbasa Coil 9., Garlic Parmesan Sausage Links 9.,   Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon 8.,   Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks 8.  AND  Roasting Chicken price/lb *Reserve now for February 2012* (average weight 5 lbs)    Whole bird 4.50/lb.


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