About Wells Tavern Farm


It is my pleasure to introduce you to our small family farm nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.  We raise happy, healthy animals with great amounts of hands-on time and care, and with little assistance from a very small John Deere tractor.

We are growing a small flock of show Oxford sheep, and also raise registered Shropshires.  Our handspinner flock of Romney and Border Leicesters are also contributing wool into our small batch yarns, available in natural colors, in addition to white.  We create a strong and consistent: wool fiber by feeding our ewes year-round: you won’t find that our lustrous and soft yarn has breaks or brittle fibers.  You can see what products are available at our website – http://www.wellstavernfarm.com

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  1. I loved your website. My dream is to have a small family farm like yours someday soon. For now I am a city girl looking for the right backyard chickens who will get along with my 5 and 9 year old children and not irritate my neighbors too much. I a actually found your site while researching the Delaware chicken. I am stuck between the Delaware and the Orpington. I would like a heritage breed but I have limited space and fairly close neigbors. Orpingtons seem like they might be my quieter choice and maybe not as inclined to fly. I have bought my chicken book and plan to order chicks soon. Any of your thoughts on breed choice would be greatly appreciated since you have kept both of my top choices. Keep up the great job and I look forward to your future blogs. LB

  2. I came across your website while looking for Wells in Deerfield/ Shelburne area. I am a Wells family researcher. I wonder which Wells were the settlers on your farm? I am looking for Thomas Wells who married Olive Newton in 1761 in Deerfield and had children Reuben, Ezra, Israel, Thomas, Asahel, Esther, Judah, and Sylvester.

    I have a friend who moved to the Sierras and is doing what you are,raising exotic chickens and selling colored eggs. Her husband is a programmer and can work anywhere. Good luck! MB in Palo Alto, CA

  3. Hi Carrie,

    Anguelina and Danny here…Just read your blog and wanted to say how impressed we are with all the work you do at the farm and thank you for that! As you know we are huge fans of the veal and chickens (and eggs of course) but I’ll have to try one of your ham recipes-they sound yummy!

    See you soon and keep the good work.

    • Thank you for your kind words!
      Hard farm work is made so much easier when you not only love what you do, but also know that the work has value to others as well.

  4. I didn’t realize that you are growing the “heritage” breeds! WOOOHOO…glad to know I am not the only one interested! We had great success with our heritage turkeys this year…and I do have a contact if you are interested. I have some photos up on our page on here of a couple of them.
    One word of advice…You will need to pen them in a covered area if you want to keep them. They LOVE to fly and wander away. I spent more time this past year chasing down turkeys and herding them that our bloodhound picked up a habit of herding them along side me 🙂 It was not much fun and made it difficult to get anything else done but chasing birds. I do love having them and ohhhh they taste soooo good!

    • We do raise heritage breeds — we have had Lilac turkeys for about five years, and added Standard Bronze to Lilacs for the last few years, and then tried BB Bronze, Standard Bronze and Lilacs last year. (Two years ago we tried Bourbon Reds and really, really did not like them. Although they were purported to grow to about the same size as the Lilacs, they didn’t. Plus they had very crabby attitudes to boot.

      We do not pen them in a covered area as you suggest.
      Ours are kept in about an acre of triple fenced pasture with Belted Galloways as a buffer on the West and North, and pastured heritage pigs on the East. To the South, is our driveway. It works out pretty well. There are usually one or two a year who do not learn to fly up into the trees at night, who will get chowed by a fox or bobcat. Other than that, we are pretty lucky that they don’t usually roam down into our driveway, and when they do, the geese drive them back into their acre.

      • We have triple strand barbed wire on about five acres…stupid birds kept going through that and getting into the road to cross and then head to the roof tops of people who live next door! Behind where they are suppose to run is 40 acres. Only a few time would they find their way there and that was usually to chase the wild geese in the spring.
        Our are all fairly mellow, but they aren’t handling birds. We have slates, oregon grays and I have no idea what else (they are Mr. Farmers, yeah right lol). We ordered them through Porter’s Heritage Breeds.
        We have jerseys for cows currently but, I am going to phase them out minus one (a rescue) and start raising Dexters! My first should be here within the month!
        It really is great to have someone else to “chat” with on here about the different breeds!

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