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Quick Weekend Custom Dye and Knit Project

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Fill out the form to order!

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Fill out the form to order!

Fall is here, and with the changing of the season, there is a chill in the air. Here on the farm, our thoughts turn to the appreciation of colorful leaves, and new sausages, maple syrup cured hickory smoked bacon, and lots of hot coffee to fuel our farming endeavors.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs have all farrowed now: there are lots of little spotted, floppy eared piglets available for rehousing to other farms in the next month.

Monday, October first, we will be restocking our freezers with:
Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon from our pasture-raised heritage breed hogs, garlic parmesan linked sausage, fresh (not smoked) polish Kielbasa (no msg) coils, and Maple (real!) Breakfast sausage links. There will be more pork country ribs, spare ribs, and more.

We are also restocking lamb on Monday chops, ground, legs of, and others.

Though we will have many cuts and packages of ground product and linked sausages, based upon previous experience, we will run out again, before they are able to be restocked. We encourage all those hungry local-farm-product-supporters to get on the list, and place your order early, to avoid disappointment.

There is nothing like going to the freezer to get the locally raised heritage breed maple syrup cured hickory smoked bacon, only to find a cold empty space where it used to be!

Wells Tavern Farm Price List – Spring 2012
all prices are per pound.

Rib Chops 7.50 *limited supply
Loin Chops 7.70 *out of stock
Shoulder Chops 6.75
Country Ribs 7.50
Ground Pork 6.50
Fresh Ham Roast 6.
Spare Ribs, Babyback Ribs 7.
Whole Tenderloin 7.*limited supply
Ground Sweet Italian Sausage 8.
Ground Hot Italian Sausage 8.
Ground Breakfast Sausage 8.
Fresh Polish Kielbasa (no MSG!) Coil 9.
Garlic Parmesan Sausage Links 9.
Maple (real Maple!) Breakfast Sausage Links 9.
Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon 8.
Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Ham Steaks 8.*out of stock*

Shank 7.50
Ground Lamb 8.50
Whole Leg of Lamb 8.99
Shoulder Chops 9.99
Rib Chops 13.99
Boneless Leg of Lamb  14.99

Please email your order to carrie@wellstavernfarm.com or call 413.834.3611
Delivery available.